October 18, 2021

Blanca Condal is the new sponsor of Club Atlético Aldosivi de Mallorca

At BCG we are happy to announce that we are the new sponsor of Club Atlético Aldosivi de Mallorca. We join the Mallorcan team in this new season 2021 - 2022, as part of our agenda aimed at supporting sport in the region.

Good start to the season for Atlético de Aldosivi de Mallorca

The Club is currently competing in the Third Regional of Mallorca and has a sequence of great matches, which makes us imagine that this will be a great season for Atlético de Aldosivi.

New shirt 2021 2022 Shark teeth Club Atlético Aldosivi de Mallorca

New Shark Teeth Uniform

The club launches its new uniform for this season and they do not contain the illusion of great achievements in 2022. Juan Palmero, Managing Director of Blanca Condal, a leading last-mile distribution company, comments that it is an honor to support the sport and especially the Aldosivi de Mallorc football team. in its new season.

To accompany everything about the club, you can visit its website at clubaldosividemallorca.com

There is no doubt that we will cheer on Atlético Aldosivi de Mallorca in every match! Come on sharks.

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