October 18, 2021

The importance of last mile logistics

Many of the keys to improving and solving transport logistics problems and challenges lie in last-mile transport.

From the outset, it is necessary to highlight the double nature of the last mile in logistics. For the transport agency, the last mile offers to connect with two fundamental aspects of the logistics and transport service: time and cost. These two issues also connect with the different agents involved in transportation: the company's workers and the customer.

Next, we are going to explain in detail the keys to last-mile logistics and the role of the different agents.

The time: its brevity

The first variable to take into account is time. More specifically, the short delivery time.

The customer hopes that his purchase arrives at his home as soon as possible and that he can start using it as soon as possible. In the case of electrical appliances, it often happens that when someone places an order it is because the appliance they are buying has stopped working at home. No one buys a spare dishwasher or refrigerator if they already have one that works for them at home.

That is why, in our case, the speed of delivery of our products is vital for the customer.

The costs

The delivery time carries a series of associated costs, which are also the costs of the logistics service itself. We are talking here about the personnel who carry out the transport, assembly and installation of the appliance. The cost of transport, which includes fuel, vehicle costs, tolls and parking, must also be taken into account.

As last-mile transportation is a more personalized and detailed job, calculating the costs associated with the deliveries and installations of appliances is especially difficult. Large-scale logistics and transportation are not the same as last-mile service, which involves smaller volumes, city traffic and other challenges that we have already explained above.

The speed in the deliveries of our products is a fundamental factor.

From BCG ...

At BCG we have developed a specialization in the calculation and performance of these last mile white line services, something that we have only achieved through many years of experience and process optimization. That is why we can offer our clients fast, but realistic delivery times and with adjusted shipping costs, but that allow us to perform the service correctly and with guarantees of quality and experience.

The last mile system that we have developed at BCG offers our customers correct deliveries.

Time and costs: essential keys

Time and costs are the keys that help to understand the last logistics mile in an easy and simplified way. Taking both into account, we can get a quick idea of how home appliance transportation works today. It also allows us to reflect and think about ways to improve and optimize last-mile service for the future by integrating the demands of the client and the workers of transport agencies.

Let's think about consumers

The last-mile service links the company with the final consumer: it is the connection point between the workers of the transport agencies of electrical appliances and the customers.

Consumers expect the arrival of their appliance to their home as quickly, agile and professionally as possible. They also expect a good installation of their appliance that gives them peace of mind and security.

Workers in transport logistics companies must meet customer expectations both in the transport process and in the delivery and installation process.

Our team is always available to solve any logistics need in real time.

In summary

Last-mile logistics is therefore the point of union between customer expectations and the responsibilities of the worker and the transport company.

In the case of the last mile of white line, which at BCG we are specialists, our carriers are also responsible for installing the appliances in the customer's home. This particularity of the transport of electrical appliances implies greater professionalism and versatility of our workers. That's why good last-mile appliance service is the key to customer satisfaction with their purchase. At BCG we are aware of this and we are committed to our clients to give the best of ourselves in our last mile logistics services.

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