October 18, 2021

The keys to last mile logistics

What is last mile logistics and what is it for?

Last mile logistics corresponds to the management of the last journey of the shipment of an appliance and includes the delivery to the customer and the installation of the product. In other words, when we talk about last-mile transportation, we mean the last kilometers that your order will travel before reaching your home.

For us at BCG, this service also includes on-site appliance installation and commissioning and this makes us specialists in last-mile appliance logistics.

How does it work in Spain?

The last logistics mile is also known as capillary distribution due to the branching of delivery routes throughout the territory. In Spain, the management of transport and delivery in large cities such as Barcelona or Madrid requires a very different logistics method than that used in medium-sized cities or towns. The last mile service in the Balearic Islands, where we also operate, in turn presents other challenges different from those of the mainland.

Knowing how to adapt to the different demands of the countryside or the city is key to a successful delivery of the order.

At BCG we adapt our logistics based on the requirements of the order.

Our role in the system

The white line transport agencies - those specialized in the transport of household appliances - are responsible for guaranteeing a good reception of the order and its implementation.

This last phase of the transport cycle is the one that connects the product with the consumer for the first time and that is why we must maintain excellence in the process so as not to distort the product.

Customer satisfaction with the purchase of your appliance is directly proportional to our work and organization of the transport service.

Good last-mile logistics

Last mile service must be fast and effective. Waiting times from when the electrical appliances are collected from the warehouse until they are installed in the customer's desired place in their home are increasingly reduced and that is why it is necessary to act quickly and swiftly. It is the responsibility of the appliance transport agencies to guarantee a delivery within the deadlines established with the client.

In addition, the transport of these last kilometers that separate the warehouse from the client's home involves several different processes.

Step by step

First, the pick-up and labeling of the appliance -or appliances- in our local warehouses so that later the transfer of the package can be started knowing at all times the destination of the appliance.

Once the orders leave the warehouse, we are before the transport process as such. The priority means will always be by land with transport by truck, van or van. However, at BCG we work as a transport company in the Balearic Islands and this implies the use of cargo ships that connect the Peninsula with the islands as a means of maritime transport.

Once the package reaches its destination, the processes of downloading, checking the product, signing delivery notes and installing the appliance come into play.

The process does not end when the package reaches its destination.

In summary

Knowing how to successfully carry out all these different processes is the key to good last-mile transport management at the logistics level. Having all these processes well studied and optimized is also essential to be able to offer the best possible service to our clients.

It is for all this reason that the last mile service is a key aspect in the logistics of the transport of household appliances. However, this service presents different challenges and difficulties that transportation agencies must recognize and overcome.

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